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Reporting: Tagging & Analytics

Our Standard Reporting Sets the Standard

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Some digital agencies are in constant contact with you until the deal is signed, then cannot be found when the time comes for them to show you the results. We operate from a more strategic and data centric place and will be in communication with you every step of the way. Any client that chooses to run digital with us gets our standard reporting each month, which includes overall performance data, performance drilldowns by ad creative and locations, and demographic insights (when applicable). Our experts are available to answer questions you have and can run through the reports with you upon request. Our standard reporting requires very minimal setup compared to the great value this information provides. Below are some screenshots with callouts on what you can expect with our standard reports.


Campaign Performance

Performance By Locations

Demographic Reporting


We Recommend Advanced Reporting When the Goal is Conversions

Our standard reporting is great for branding or small campaigns under $1,000 in digital, but we suggest our advanced reporting when you are focused on conversions and ready to take your advertising and reports to the next level. Our Advanced Reporting provides you with everything that comes with the standard report, while layering in tracking of conversion events on your site, deeper analytics, and estimated return on investment for your digital efforts.

Requirements for Advanced Reporting:

To report on your estimated ROI (Return on Investment), we will first need some information from you. We will start by learning your overall goals, estimated close percentage through leads on your site and average value of each customer that comes from the closed leads. Typical leads we track for this are phone calls, form submissions, and application starts (for example, a user clicking on the button to start a life insurance application).

After getting the information around your estimated online closing ratio, we will need to setup analytics and “events” tracking through Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager as mentioned in the “Tagging and Tracking” section below.

Below is an example from a Pittsburgh Area HVAC client of ours that is focused on booking new customers online:

Download the White Labeled Advanced Report Here

ROI - Client Example




Tagging and tracking analytics is required for advanced reporting and can also be added to standard reports. To do this, we will need administrative access to your Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, or can create these analytics accounts for you if needed. This process of setting up goals, tagging and putting together these enhanced reports come with a one-time cost of $200 if you already have Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager set up and need to provide us access, or a one-time charge of $400 if we need to setup your Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager for you.

Below are the types of deeper insights we can track across digital channels once set up:

  1. Click for directions
  2. Email submissions
  3. Newsletter signups
  4. Social follows
  5. Event registrations
  6. Requests for appointment
  7. eCommerce
  8. New visitors
  9. Traffic sources
  10. Time on site
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