Video & Audio

Video advertising is a niche of content marketing strategy, but nothing tells a story quite like a video. Nothing tells the story quite like showing the story. Understanding the strategies around video marketing is a must for any business. When working with us, you can expect one of our dedicated staff to strategically examine current platforms and apps your business is utilizing. We're able to optimize video for search engines such as Google or Bing using keyword-enriched descriptions and tags to drive the correct audience to your business. Pre-roll ads are video ads played right before a video people are waiting to watch. Being able to leverage dynamic storytelling to strengthen emotional connections, engagement levels, and understand how all of these aspects fit into a content marketing funnel is a valuable skill that every company should seek.

Programmatic audio (audio advertising) is automated selling or insertion of ads in forms of audio content such as streaming music services, podcasts, and radio. We're able to leverage audio-specific publishers like Spotify, GeniusMonkey, or AdsWizz. The audio content can be streamed on many devices such as mobile, tablet, desktop, over-the-top televisions, and smart speakers like Alexa or Google Home. 

Dynamic online content requires striking visuals. Photos and videos are a great way to show off your business. Catch the eye of potential customers with beautiful, professional photography, and videography.


Target Video Advertising



Targeted Pre-Roll Video



Why Utilize Video & Audio Advertising:

  • Hyper-targeted to potential customers
  • Choose between :15 and :30 second options
  • Drive desired Calls-To-Action
  • Campaign performance tracking
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