By targeting your custom audience, we can reach your best online prospects wherever they are on the Internet. We might find them on one of our affiliate sites like TribLIVE.com, Neighborhood News Network, or TribLIVE High School Sports Network. We can also reach your audience on other sites across the web through demographic, geographic, behavioral, and interest segmentation. Again, wherever your best prospects are on the Internet, that’s where we will display your ad.





In order to get the most out of your website, you need to reach the right audience — whether it’s by demographic targeting, interest, or frequently-visited sites. Here are some of the tactics we can leverage for you:


Reach people based on their specific interests as they browse pages, apps, channels, videos, and content online. You can select from a wide range of categories, and your ads will be shown to people who are likely to be in those selected categories. This is an efficient method of reaching likely customers faster.


Connect with consumers who are actively researching or comparing products like yours and target those most interested in your offerings. This is a good way of reaching customers who are already looking for your services — targeting specific customer personas instead of simply advertising to everyone.





No other business is the same as yours. Your customers will be demographically different, have different interests, and have different searching and browsing behaviors than the customers of any other business. This makes creating a custom audience network vital to successful online marketing. We will help, with a variety of tools to create the best network of likely customers for your business.


Targeting customers with the right demographics can heighten the likelihood of marketing success. Age, income level, life-stage group, and other demographic data will help pinpoint your potential customers and draw them to your website.


It can be frustrating when customers visit your site and don’t advance toward purchasing your products or services. With site retargeting, you can reach prospective customers who have visited your website – but left before taking action – and help them find their way back.


Predicting that a customer, who searched for your business, or for products or services like yours, would still be interested in your business is a pretty safe bet. With search retargeting, we can show ads to customers who have searched for your business — or similar keywords — and make them want to give your site a second look.


Keyword contextual targeting and content contextual targeting both use the online behaviors of customers to bring likely consumers to your site. Keyword contextual targeting helps you reach the audience online which is reading content with keywords relevant to your business. Contextual targeting helps you reach your target audience after they have visited a site similar to yours.


Mobile phones are able to provide us with a unique view into user behaviors by helping to identify frequently visited locations such as home and work, along with shopping habits, hobbies, interests, and much more.

Every mobile phone has a unique device ID number that is anonymously associated with the carrier of the device. Device ID Targeting and Geoframing takes advantage of that by monitoring the location information associated with each device. This information is beamed to the cloud and made available for marketers to leverage and ultimately target consumers or their devices based on where they have been and where they live.

Device ID Targeting Options: 

Location – Similar to traditional geofencing. Targeting specific, relevant locations or buildings.

Zip Code – Target a neighborhood, radius around a store and other large areas.

Device ID Demo/Interest – Reach devices of individuals who fall into desirable demographics or display specific interests.

Residential Address Match – Target any database of residential addresses.

Lookalike – Expand your reach based on similarities in demographics, location, and behaviors.

Social Extension – Reach devices that are frequently observed together in the same location.

Once you have identified your targeting options, you will then have the ability to measure foot traffic and even sales.


Programmatic advertising allows you to reach your target market anywhere, at any time, on any device by using software to buy digital advertising in a real-time bidding, live auction environment. In other words, tell us who you’re trying to reach and we’ll help you reach them wherever they are on the internet.

Through a DSP, Demand-Side Platform, advertisers who want to buy digital ad space are connected with publishers that have impressions to sell. The DSP allocates impressions based on the advertiser’s bid price and targeting parameters making programmatic both efficient and cost-effective.

Expand your reach and maximize your budget with programmatic advertising.

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