Political Advertising

If you want to reach local voters, you need Trib Total Media


Did you know…

…86% of adults in the Trib Total Media audience VOTE.

…Trib Total Media informs nearly 750,000 readers in print and online each week.

…Active voters are 44% more likely to respond ‘newspapers’ when asked about the best source for information on local politics.

…Active voters are 64% more likely to report that they rely on more traditional, established news media to avoid ‘fake news’.


To remain informed and engaged, our communities turn to newspapers and their websites as trusted, reliable news sources. We are committed to delivering fair and accurate news and information to our readers and that extends beyond news content to the advertising that we deliver as well.

That’s why, in late 2022, Trib Total Media announced we were adopting new guidelines for political advertising. In short, we are no longer accepting negative political ads. Moving forward, political advertisements in our print and digital properties can be about the candidate but not the opponent.

Contact us to find out how Trib Total Media can help you reach active voters in your area!

Download our Political Advertising Guidelines:

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