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At Trib Digital, not only do we work directly with clients to help them find the digital marketing solutions to fit their needs, but we can help you do the same for your clients. Most agencies have performance marketing fulfillment and development covered, but maybe you’re looking for a change or just need a pressure release. We’re here to help. We can anonymously plug our people, products, processes, strategies and services into your existing structure for you to leverage as your own. is Western PA’s most visited local news website. With over 3.6 million avg monthly users and over 24 million avg monthly pageviews, we deliver close to 20% monthly market penetration. TribLIVE’s high-impact positions such as floating banners, overlay interstitials and channel wallpapers can ensure your clients’ ads will be seen. Visibility is key, but these placements are also clicked at a much higher frequency than traditional digital display tactics. Average CTR on our overlays and wallpapers range from 1.25% to over 1.6% – with some as high as 3%.

Do your clients have positive stories to tell? We often hear that the best marketing an agency can do for their clients is to have a news story published about them. Now you can do just that through Partner News. Partner News is a native program that looks and feels like a news story on

Partner News stories are evergreen and DO NOT use no follow tags so your clients’ content will index within search engines quickly.’s Domain Authority will also give that content an excellent chance of ranking favorably. We typically see strong stories climb to the first page of relevant Google search results within the first week of publication. You can even boost your Partner Story with a social mention on our Facebook channel of over 121,000 followers.