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What is Marketing? 5 Core Concepts You Need to Know

Posted by Zach Nieman on October 5, 2020

What is marketing?

Most of us have our own simplified definition for this complex term.

According to the American Marketing Association, marketing is defined as “the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.”

It may sound simple enough to understand, but...

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Understanding Qualitative vs Quantitative Data For Your Business

Posted by Jessica Jones on September 7, 2020

As a business owner you are already aware of data points such as expenses, revenue, inventory levels, average daily sales, website visits, and digital ad clicks. This valuable quantitative data is numerical and statistical in nature. The data can be used to uncover trends or to be extrapolated into the future for forecasting. Numbers tell us a lot about our business performance.

But what about...

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Email Marketing: 101

Posted by Lindsay Bock on August 24, 2020

So, you’ve been collecting email addresses from your customers. What are you going to do with them?

If your first thought is to write an email and just send it out, unfortunately, you definitely won’t get the results you’re looking for. An effective email marketing campaign takes a little understanding and sometimes patience. But fear not. Here are some tips to help you get started on the...

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How To Find The Right Digital Marketing Vendor

Posted by Troy Piekarski on August 9, 2020


Digital strategies make up a large portion of most marketing budgets. This can be daunting to the average business for a few reasons.

  1. Many businesses have been burned in the past by unscrupulous digital agencies who promise the world but disappear after the contract is signed.
  2. The digital world is full of confusing acronyms and abstract concepts. Most people cannot trust what they do not...
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How to Win with Digital Advertising

Posted by Matt Miller on July 24, 2020

Can't Miss Strategies For Businesses To Win

John Wanamaker (1838-1922) said, "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted: the trouble is I don't know which half." Fast forward 100 plus years and marketers still wrestle with this challenge.


Most business owners have heard that digital advertising is highly trackable. Without a doubt, that is a fact. If you run a campaign, even just basic...

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