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What to look for in a digital marketing agency

and how to choose the best one for your business.

How to Evaluate an Agency Partner



There’s a benefit to a local contact and regular face-to-face meetings.


An agency should choose tactics and strategies based on your goals, not their specialties.


Your agency should be trying to think from your perspective, not sell you on theirs.


Start at the end for a good beginning and avoid getting hung up on vanity metrics.


Take advantage of resources such as Google Analytics to track and evaluate campaigns.


Use conversion tracking to optimize a campaign toward what matters most to you.


Your agency should take an open approach, making all information such as budgets and data available to you.


Your agency should develop a highly-focused, insight-driven marketing strategy that will have the greatest impact on growth.


Your business isn’t cookie-cutter, your marketing shouldn’t be either. An agency with experience in your industry can create a custom approach specific to your business and industry.


You are the expert in your business, your agency is the marketing expert. Only when these two worlds come together can true success be achieved.