Put your business on the front page with Trib Notes!

TribNotes are sticky notes placed on the front page of our daily, weekly and monthly community newspapers. These high impact, eye-catching, premium ad placements can help you reach new customers and grow your business. Research has shown that 79% of readers take action with front page notes. Advertisers often see an immediate response with TribNotes which means positive ROI!

TribNotes are exclusive with only 1 TribNote allowed per edition, per day. And, they can be targeted by community or region on our daily, weekly and monthly publications. With two size options to choose from, full color printing, free ad design and a quick turnaround, what’s not to love? We can deliver your message in as little as 2 weeks for less than $0.05 per household.



“TribNotes are very effective, we’ll do it again for sure!”

“We wanted to try something different so we used a TribNote on the Valley News Dispatch to invite locals to be a “Member-For-A-Day”…It was a huge success! We collected over 450 coupons over a 2 week time period…”

— Travis Lindsay, Birdsfoot Golf Club



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