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EverybodyShops: Your Local Online Marketplace

By Lindsay Bock on August 24, 2020

EverybodyShops has created an innovative eCommerce marketplace for regional businesses to both increase their sales and brand themselves within the local community. EverybodyShops is part of a digital ecosystem that connects local sellers with residents in a unique content and ecommerce experience.  

If you are a business who currently does not have eCommerce capabilities but would like to be able to offer products and/or services for sale online then you have come to the right place! We are experts in online retailing and our turnkey model makes the onboarding process simple and easy for you.  

If you already have an eCommerce solution, congratulations, you are ahead of the game. If it’s not broken, there is no need to fix it. If you are happy with your current eCommerce platform, then there is no need to change. Instead, the EverybodyShops.com Marketplace can act as a supplemental piece of your online retailing strategy.  

We can seamlessly create your personal corner of EverybodyShops.com. Setup is fast, easy and free. And, with our no risk, commission-based model, you only pay when you make a sale.  

Through unique and exclusive local partnerships, the EverybodyShops.com Marketplace can help you drive more qualified website traffic, offer your business enhanced eCommerce capabilities and provide you with a highly trusted and reliable touch-point for new customers to find and purchase your goods and services.  

Through EverybodyShops' integration technology and our proprietary AI learning platform, products from EverybodyShops are also featured within TribLIVE’s Neighborhood News Network, a network of websites that feature highly-targeted, hyper local news content. The system will display products that are of the greatest interest to the user based on the user’s activity thus helping to instantly generate awareness and potential online customers for our sellers.

Ready to get started? Have questions? Email contact@everybodyshops.com or click here to set up your EverybodyShops.com Marketplace account today! 

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Lindsay Bock

Written by Lindsay Bock

Corporate Communications Manager | Trib Total Media | 724-664-4298


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