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A Peek Over the Fence – Tracking competitor advertising behavior

When running a business, the task list just never seems to get any shorter.  Depending on the amount of help available, some of the things that don’t immediately generate revenue unfortunately seem to continuously fall to the bottom of the list.

Some types of advertising absolutely fit into the category of “long range return” or “intangible results”.  As much as it hurts to not see immediate dollars and cents rolling in, efforts like branding and networking are just as important as flash sales, coupons, events and contests.  Also, the effort needed to discover what your competitors are doing, and how their advertising efforts are working, is another item on the task list that is neither quick or easy.

However, wouldn’t it be magical to know which advertising tactics your biggest competitors are using, to have an idea of which are working best for them and learn how much they are spending on each?  It would be like getting a peek over the fence into your neighbor’s yard.

Watching local print publications for your competitors’ ads, scanning tv channels for any commercials they are running, checking websites for native or display advertising, scouring social media platforms for ads and posts, checking all local shops for flyers or partnerships…the list goes on.  These are all ways that you could try to see into the other guys’ marketing playbook– and guess their budgets for each…but there could even be more ways that you are missing.  And all of this sounds exhausting – not to mention extremely inefficient for someone running a business.

What if there was a way to get some insight into competitors’ plans and to be able to account for them within your own overall marketing strategy?

This could be your lucky day! Working with a local media partner who has the tools and the expertise to do a market overview and industry comparison is the answer.  Trib Total Media can, and will, incorporate a competitive analysis into our advertising relationship with you.  We want to see you and your business thrive and we know how to help you make that happen by recommending a relevant and effective marketing mix based on your company’s specific sales cycle.

You may be interested in some new digital advertising tactics like paid search, geofencing, targeted display, social media advertising, native content advertising or others. Knowing which of these are right for your business, at the right time throughout the year and what level of spending is right for you, can be daunting.

Let’s stay in our own lanes.  We let you run your business, but it’s our business to keep you in business – and to keep you at the top of your advertising game.  Let’s peek over the fence together and get started on a competitive marketing plan for you today!