Google Data Studio – My New Favorite Tool

Since returning to a market research role almost 3 years ago now, I would have to say that one of my favorite “new to me” tools has absolutely been Google Data Studio.

Working at a small – medium-sized organization, there is a lot of different information about our owned and operated digital properties that need to be shared on a consistent basis.  I have learned how difficult it can be to create an array of reports with more than a handful of non-negotiable requirements like:

  • – Timeliness
  • – Accuracy
  • – Organized Design
  • – Flexibility
  • – Consistency
  • – Simplicity
  • – Affordability

All the while, creating and distributing in a way that does not require my one-(wo)man team to be chained to reporting all day long.  Enter Google Data Studio.

With the ability to connect hundreds of different 3rd party platforms like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Facebook, Twitter, etc., Google Data Studio allows for consolidation of reporting across the organization all in one place.

Reports can be set to send a reminder email to anyone you would like on any schedule preferred.  Just change a few settings to allow anyone with the link to view, and there you have it.  There is no need to make sure everyone has a valid Google ID or has access to the accounts connected – it really is incredibly easy and convenient.  And what is even better – it is free!

Google Data Studio is also compatible with BigQuery, which allows you to enable super metrics in Data Studio with just a few clicks.  This is not a connection that I am familiar with just yet, but just goes to show the depth and endless possibilities available with Google Data Studio, it is something I am excited to learn soon for sure.

We currently have over 50 scheduled reports being distributed to over 200 users each month.  This gem has allowed me to disseminate data and information more efficiently than I ever could have before.  The icing on the cake – at Trib Total Media and 535media, clients are eligible to receive recurring Google Data Studio reports connected to their own Google Analytics accounts with commitments to digital packages.  Get in on the fun and have your web analytics sent to you without lifting a finger – how could it get any easier?