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Reaching Your Audience With Evvnt

Haven’t you heard? Events are back! Now is the time to start thinking about how you’re going to remind your audience that you’re back as well. 


In order to help you reach that audience, TribLive has partnered with Evvnt to provide you with an easy and intuitive solution for event marketing, event ticketing, and local event discovery. Through this partnership, you’re able to put interesting, local events in front of an engaged audience while TribLive and Evvnt can help you boost attendance to those events. 


The event industry looks different now than it did in 2019. You are facing challenges that you never faced prior to the pandemic. We are here to help you tackle those challenges and provide you with solutions that will help you promote your events with confidence in this new environment. 


Marketing, Ticketing, and Event Discovery


Evvnt has elevated TribLive’s community calendar to the next level by providing you the opportunity to upgrade your events to a Premium Listing, add online ticketing sales, and access self-service email marketing, all within a single platform. 


When you upgrade your basic event listing to a Premium Event Listing your event is featured on TribLive’s community calendar and syndicated out to a variety of other local event listing sites. This will boost your event’s SEO and click performance, which is tracked and reported to you through your own event progress report. 


What is Premium?


A Premium Event Listing is perfect for any event creator looking to boost their next event’s SEO power. The syndication of your event across over 30 event listing sites, targeted by category and location, helps you reach your local market and beyond. To access all the perks of a Premium Event Listing simply add and upgrade your next event to TribLive’s calendar today.


To learn more about how to add your next event, check out Evvnt’s “How-To” article.


You Mentioned Ticketing?


While adding your event you can also access TribLive’s own local ticketing platform. With one event submission, you can add your event to their calendar while simultaneously setting up a ticketing solution for your event. 


When you use TribLive’s ticketing you unlock a local partner with access to an engaged audience, local support, and in return, you are supporting a local publication by keeping ticket fee revenue in your community


Ready to Unlock Your Next Event’s Full Potential?


Learn more about boosting your next event’s attendance by checking out Evvnt’s weekly webinars each Friday at 1 pm ET. These webinars are specifically designed to help event creators unlock their next event’s full potential and discover all the opportunities Evvnt and TribLive can provide for event marketing, ticketing, and discovery



Sara McNamara is a guest blogger and is a Partner Services Manager for Evvnt! If you would like to host an event and gain better engagement from your audience, be sure to check out their website.