Chapter 4:
Advertising on LinkedIn

Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Marketing

With over 690 million business professionals, 4 out of 5 of which are business decision-makers, LinkedIn is the #1 platform for lead generation.

(LinkedIn Marketing Solutions)

Getting Started with LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is like Facebook but for the B2B community. LinkedIn should not be viewed as a direct sales channel but as an opportunity for networking, learning, lead generation, and staying current on trends within your industry and the business community at large. LinkedIn is best used for B2B updates, industry news, advice, best practices, tips, recruiting, and training opportunities.

As with other platforms, for the best results, make your profile page as robust as possible – add your company logo, tagline, cover photo, company description, etc. Then, promote your page and generate engagement by inviting employees to add the company to their personal profiles and encourage them to share any company posts with their networks.

With your company page established, it’s time to think strategy. What do you want to achieve with your LinkedIn page? Are you looking for new talent? New customers? Brand awareness? Setting these goals will help you to determine what type of content to post and share.

LinkedIn’s algorithm prioritizes posts based on connections and relevance and shows people the content they are most likely to find interesting and engaging. Be sure to include custom images, graphics, and/or video in your posts, share valuable content like white papers, blog posts, and presentations, and promote events you are hosting or with which you are participating.

The LinkedIn platform offers several advertising opportunities including sponsored content in the form of native ads appearing in the LinkedIn feed of your intended audience, sponsored messaging which engages your audience via the messaging platform, PPC and CPM desktop ads, and dynamic ads personalized to your audience.

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