TRIB Total Media Launches Digital Media Kit

Trib Total Media recently released a new digital media kit highlighting the many products and services that we have to offer our advertising partners. Our daily and weekly newspapers, weekly shoppers, digital products, website advertising, direct mail, and specialty printing services make us the one-stop shop for all of your marketing and advertising needs.

“In an effort to better serve our advertisers, we wanted to build a site where our partners could get a 360-degree view of our products and services,” said Matt Miller, Trib Total Media Chief Revenue Officer. “The full scope of services we can provide is pretty overwhelming but here, we break it down so our advertising partners can take a self-guided tour and gain a better understanding of all that we have to offer.”

In addition to outlining the advertising opportunities available, we have added a blog section to offer valuable insight from our management team.

“We have an extremely talented group of marketing and sales professionals on our management team,” said Miller. “We wanted to give them an opportunity to share some of their knowledge from their areas of expertise with our partners.”

So, if you want effective marketing strategies that will deliver results, you have come to the right place. Check it out and see for yourself. Don’t know where to start? The chat feature or contact us form will connect you with one of our Marketing & Advertising Consultants who can develop a solid marketing plan to help engage customers and grow your business.