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5 SEO Tips to Get Your Blog’s Content in the Google Results Pages

Posted by Cassie Clouse on November 23, 2020

Adding content to a blog regularly helps not only to make your site appear fresher and more updated. It also shows that you are a reliable source and perspective for your field of work. There are countless tips and strategies for building the perfect blog. Here are five tips that will help start your blog or take your new blog to the next level. By following these five tips, your blog’s...

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Digital Video Needs to be Included in Marketing Plans Now and into the Future

Posted by Doug Andiorio on November 2, 2020

Do you remember that song, “Video Killed the Radio Star”? I always think of this song whenever I talk to anyone about digital video.Digital video has been the talk of marketing strategies for years, but it’s popularity is growing — and quickly paying dividends for advertisers. When I talk about digital video, I am talking about OTT/CTV, pre-roll and more. Video consumption is one of the best...

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3 Reasons Why Direct Mail Marketing is Making a Comeback

Posted by Al DiCroce on October 19, 2020

Direct Mail is back! Here’s How to Get Started.

In an age of all things digital, you might think direct mail has gone the way of the dinosaurs. After all, people are spending more time online than ever—why not just try to reach them there?

While it’s true the volume of mail the United States Postal Service handles is declining, fewer pieces of mail actually means great things for direct mail...

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What is Marketing? 5 Core Concepts You Need to Know

Posted by Zach Nieman on October 5, 2020

What is marketing?

Most of us have our own simplified definition for this complex term.

According to the American Marketing Association, marketing is defined as “the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.”

It may sound simple enough to understand, but...

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4 Reasons To Run An Online Contest

Posted by Lindsay Bock on September 21, 2020

Looking for something to spice up your marketing mix? Why not try a contest? Contests are a powerful marketing tool to help brands gain new customers, reconnect with old ones and learn from, and about, all of them.

Contests can help grow your email database, increase foot traffic and, most importantly, drive revenue.

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