Trib Total Media Partners with Talerico Group

Sales and marketing can be difficult jobs during a normal year.

2020 has been no normal year.

To help keep consultants engaged and successful, Trib Total Media embarked on a weekly sales training program with The Talerico Group.

“Each Monday at Trib Total Media we start our week with sales training with Bill Talerico,” said Matt Miller, Trib Total Media Chief Revenue Officer. “In truth, it’s like one part sales training and three parts therapy — which is fantastic and just what we need.”

The Talerico Group works with management teams to measure sales effectiveness, execution, and potential. The group helps organizations accelerate sales, grow leaders, and acquire talent by identifying the unique gifts and talents of individuals within the organization.

In other words, it’s “connecting people with the possible.”

Which, during these impossible times, can be just the motivating message the team needs to hear.

“Every session has given me tools to put into practice right away,” said Trib Total Media Advertising & Marketing Consultant Michelle Upton. “It feels so good to have our Management Team investing in us, especially at this difficult time.”

The training, while virtual, is interactive and gives the sales staff the opportunity to share real-life challenges they are facing in the field. Using role-play, Talerico helps the teamwork through that challenge, together, crafting a response and figuring out the next steps to better serve that client.

“What differentiates us is our mission to help people become the best version of themselves,” said Bill Talerico, Talerico Group founder, coach, and consultant. “We focus on strengths, not weaknesses, to unleash the true potential of individuals within an organization. We encourage people to use skills they already have to better connect with people and ultimately achieve success.”

And this soft skills approach has been working — even in these lean times.

“2020 has been a tough year for all of us, especially our small business partners,” said Matt Miller. “Throughout this pandemic and global closing of commerce, our advertising sales professionals have really stepped up. I am so proud of our team and the work that they are doing to serve our advertising partners and help them sustain their businesses.”

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