2020 has been a rough year for everyone but small local businesses were hit especially hard. Trib Total Media wants to help these businesses get more in Q4 by offering special advertising packages created to stimulate fourth-quarter business. 

Many retailers are hosting Black Friday sales throughout the month of November,” said Matt Miller, Trib Total Media Chief Revenue Officer. “This is kind of our version of thatWith these packages, wreally are trying to help make the last months of the year a little merrier for our advertising partners.”  

Thesdeeply discounted, highly targeted can’t-miss digital packages were designed specifically to drive business using tactics including zip code targeting, most likely customer targeting, and email targeting. In other words, ads and emails will only be viewable by people within the business’s target area who exhibit the same traits as their best current customers and are most likely to do business with them. 

By focusing on these relevant audience attributes and using proven digital strategies, these packages are designed to deliver results. 

We aren’t just throwing stuff against a wall to see what sticks,” said Miller. “We built these packages to help small local businesses end the year on a positive note and attempt to recoup some of their lost revenue from earlier in the year.”